Painter & Pixelliste

Inspiration and creativity have the same essence:
the pleasure of discovering.
Purely and totally self-taught,
I am looking forward to being at the mercy of the unexpected.

Seeds of creativity

Hidden sensitivity

Coming from a modest family in Montreal, art was essentially absent from my surroundings. As a child, I was fascinated by the quality of the drawings that a friend of mine made for his comics. What I didn’t know at the time was that the seeds of creativity were present as I produced detailed drawings for my science class experiment reports.

One day, in the summer of my 16th birthday, I bought my first 35mm camera with the intention of photographing elements of urban nature and architectural features that I found interesting. Without realizing it, I was developing and refining my sense of observation which would prove very valuable a few years later. This artistic practice has been with me since then and is an integral part of my creative journey.

Jocelyn Gardner

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Rediscovered sensitivity

It was only at the end of my university studies that I rediscovered drawing. Having chosen not to pursue a career as a biologist, I began making drawings of the plants and animals I had studied. Barely a year later, most of my drawings were among the works of renowned artists in a touring wildlife art exhibition.

This is how my career took shape and my official job title became, after several contracts, that of scientific illustrator. Over the next ten years, I developed and mastered other drawing techniques to broaden my palette and allow me to broaden my client base.

Joyful discovery

Expressed sensitivity

However, an inner aspiration had become more and more persistent: that of a freer and more personal artistic expression. Thanks to the contact of an artist friend, this ambition took shape in 1992 at the Atelier du Geste de Montreal. My creative universe underwent a mutation, driven by the joyful discovery of unrestrained gesture and the delight of the simultaneous use of different mediums. The surface lost its frame and I developed other references. I also dabbled in abstract stone sculpture for about ten years.

In parallel to this exploration, my career as an illustrator shifted from the traditional to the digital, using the complex and powerful software of the Adobe suite. Since then, my artistic approach has evolved by using, in parallel or simultaneously, traditional and digital media.